Energy Management & Controls

Building Automation Systems

Built on a foundation of knowledge, Experience and Performance

Improve performance, efficiency and maintain occupant comfort for your facility.

Trane Controls deliver end-to-end reliability with tested and proven designs. Our controls are optimized to meet your specific needs, providing top of the line user experiences with focused interfaces to maximize ease of use and productivity. Our scalable portfolio of building automation and building management solutions meet your system needs, effectively and reliably no matter what size, type or complexity of your building.

Data Driven Decision Making

We partner with our clients to understand their unique building and business needs. Our 40+ years of controls experience, advanced technology and team of controls experts, enables us to deliver seamless system integration that transforms data into useful information, allowing building owners to make impactful decisions to lower their energy and operating costs.

Tracer® SC+

Buildings are full of hidden potential to be more comfortable, more sustainable, and more influential to your mission. Tracer® SC+ taps into this potential by making the connections between technology and people more intuitive and complete.

Tracer® Concierge™

Tracer® Concierge™  for Small Buildings is a cost-effective solution that makes day-to-day operation of your HVAC and lighting systems easier. A bundled system of pre-engineered applications means you get advanced capabilities for building management with less risk.

Pivot™ Smart Thermostat

The Pivot™ Smart Thermostat offers simple, comfortable, convenient control for light commercial applications. It’s never been easier to manage comfort while running your business