Energy and Sustainability

A holistic energy services provider transforming the way you engage with energy.

When you want to be smarter about how you leverage energy to drive your goals, Trane has the experience you need—and we’re leading the way.

Your partner in energy

Trane is dedicated to reducing the energy intensity of the world. Advancements in connected building technology and the growth of renewable energy are just some of the factors that are redefining how energy supply and demand can be optimized today and in the future. Whether your objective is to be more sustainable, reduce cost or manage risk and volatility, Trane is on your side. We’re successfully slashing our own energy profile, and we’re eager to share what we’ve learned.

Let’s solve your energy problems

Renewable Energy and DERs

Today renewable energy is a viable and common energy solution, and it can work for you. Trane can help you establish distributed energy resources to improve sustainability and resilience. From onsite installations to renewable energy purchasing strategies, including virtual power purchasing agreements (VPPA) we are here to help.

Energy Analysis and Monitoring

Let’s see how your building is using energy in real time, by looking at the data. Connected buildings give us a turn-by-turn roadmap to continuous improvement.

Energy Supply

Along with reducing energy use, it’s important to think about your energy supply. Trane can help you procure energy in ways that strengthen your bottom line, reduce price risk and exposure to market volatility, and raise your sustainability profile.

Active Energy Management

Timing is everything, and that’s especially true when it comes to utility rates and increasing market price volatility. There are many ways that Trane can help you to optimize energy supply and demand.

Energy Conservation Measures

Advancing technology offers significant opportunities to reduce energy use. With HVAC and lighting being the largest users of energy in your buildings let’s see where you stand to benefit the most.

Financing & Energy Services Contracting

Making your facilities greener and more energy efficient sounds like a straightforward proposition, until you start digging into the details. Trane energy experts can help you make sense of the broad array of energy upgrade opportunities you have and financial strategies available to determine which approach best suits your business or sustainability goals. And then make them happen.