Indoor Air Quality Assessment

Indoor Air Quality is more important today than ever, especially as you welcome back employees, tenants and customers into your spaces.

High quality indoor air will help you achieve important goals:

  • Restore the confidence of employees, tenants and customers that they can return to facilities with more comfortable and cleaner air;
  • Support resilience against future challenges by deploying trusted solutions; and
  • Contribute to your building’s overall sustainability with targeted investments that generate results.

While this may look easy – every building is different and deserves an accurate assessment. 

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The Trane Indoor Air Quality Assessment is a fact based data-driven analysis of how effectively a building’s indoor air quality adheres to the latest industry recommendations for operating HVAC systems with a focus on the four key contributors to air quality:

  • Dilute – making sure plenty of fresh outdoor air dilutes the buildup of indoor contaminants through proper ventilation
  • Exhaust – getting exhaust air out is equally important, especially air from kitchens, restrooms and combustion systems
  • Contain – keeping indoor humidity levels within the ASHRAE-recommended range maximizes occupant comfort and reduces the risk of microbial growth
  • Clean – reducing particles, odors, or micro-organisms, such as mold, bacteria and viruses

Where possible we will conduct the assessment remotely through your building automation system (BAS). All on-site assessments of the physical environment will be performed following all currently recommended safety guidelines. When completed, your Account Manager will review the assessment results and share a detailed IAQ assessment report that includes strategic recommendations to help meet industry requirements.

The Four Key Areas of Indoor Air Quality

We are passionate about clean indoor air! Trane Air System Quality Recognition award recognizes customers who share this commitment and promote your efforts with the world.



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The transmission of Covid-19 may occur in a variety of ways and circumstances, many of the aspects of which are currently not known. HVAC systems, products, services and other offerings have not been tested for their effectiveness in reducing the spread of Covid-19, including through the air in closed environments

The COVID-19 outbreak also highlights the need to stay informed, and consistently and effectively manage your building’s environment, leveraging the latest guidelines, recommendations and best practices provided by the CDC and other industry leaders. Below you will find a compilation of the latest resources on the topic

Trane® can help you manage your building’s IAQ and create the right environment for the people within it.

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