Replicate nature at her best

Adapting proven approaches to indoor agriculture can support healthy growth.

Producing a differentiated crop while maximizing yield requires consistent and reliable growing conditions. Mother nature doesn’t always provide it, but you can. Controlling temperature, humidity, lighting, CO2 and airborne pathogens is complicated, yet Trane gives you the authority to manage it all. We can engineer a proprietary environment that supports the genetic potential of your crop—and replicate it quickly as you grow into additional spaces.

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Innovate with less risk

HVAC equipment, controls, energy services and engineering expertise: Trane has a full set of tools to help you succeed. Our holistic approach to HVAC system design innovation has been proven thousands of times in the world’s most critical buildings, from data centers to hospitals, and we can apply that expertise to your facility. As an established business with a global footprint, we’re ready to support rapid growth at your facility—and the worldwide indoor agriculture industry.



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Monitor and control remotely

You need to be able to monitor and control critical growing room conditions 24/7. You need it to be as simple as a cell phone app. You need Trane’s Connected Building solutions. On-demand access to real-time information and remote system control provides peace of mind that conditions stay consistently ideal for plant productivity. 

Get on-site support from our HVAC pros

Remote support is ideal most of the time but sometimes you need the HVAC experts to be there in person, especially when valuable crops are at stake. Our nationwide network of factory-trained service technicians and parts centers is invaluable when you need a fast, professional, on-site response.

Achieve your sustainability goals

Indoor growing is inherently energy intense, but we can help reduce the impact. We offer a wide range of sustainability solutions, including EarthWise™ equipment with high energy efficiency and refrigerants with low global warming (GWP) potential, turnkey Energy Services to help you manage both energy supply and demand, and Intelligent Services to guide continuous improvement and document results.

Ready for now. Resilient for tomorrow.

As you prepare to reopen your buildings,  we recognize you have a lot of questions. Indoor air quality suddenly matters more than ever. Energy efficiency and sustainability have always mattered. But improving and enhancing building performance requires experience and hands-on expertise. We turn insights and data into an action plan you can move on immediately. So you can plan to reopen your building with confidence— and make it more resilient for tomorrow.

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Top Solutions for Indoor Agriculture

We offer a wide range of solutions for indoor growers. Here are a few industry favorites.  

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