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In the hospitality business details matter—including indoor air quality. We can work with you to create an ambient experience that helps define your brand, with calming thermal consistency and vibrant fresh air. Our latest control systems make it easier to manage temperature, humidity and air quality everywhere: in guest rooms, kitchens, conference centers, swimming pools, spas and restaurants…while working on reducing carbon impact. 

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Let’s find cost savings in your energy strategy

In formulating an effective energy strategy, the key is understanding whether the way energy is being used is enabling business goals or detracting from them. Reducing energy cost might mean upgrading inefficient HVAC equipment, but it could also mean simply implementing more strategic control in deregulated markets, this often means evaluating energy sourcing and suppliers and shopping for better pricing. We can even help you implement thermal energy storage to shift some demand away from peak rates. Trane offers a holistic approach to managing your energy supply and demand.



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Digital technologies make buildings more responsive

Our Connected Building solutions enable you to collect and use data from your buildings to reach higher levels of comfort and energy efficiency. Since you may not always have a facility manager on site, we have user-friendly tools that simplify comfort management. Trane’s app-based building control systems make it easy for your general staff to manage systems serving different areas and rooms—even across multiple buildings. 

Supporting your brand promise

Savvy travelers are increasingly concerned about the energy intensity of their journeys. But at the end of the day, they don’t want to sacrifice comfort. We can help you build a brand that’s recognized for both: no tradeoffs required. From energy-efficient products to intelligent, data-driven services and renewable energy solutions, Trane offers many ways to strengthen your sustainability profile. Meanwhile, our technology helps property management teams, hotel brands, franchisees and independent owners provide customized comfort with optimized air quality that supports a positive guest experience. From quiet in-room comfort to load-responsive event venues, our advanced technology supports customer service at every level.

Ready for now. Resilient for tomorrow.

As you prepare to reopen your buildings,  we recognize you have a lot of questions. Indoor air quality suddenly matters more than ever. Energy efficiency and sustainability have always mattered. But improving and enhancing building performance requires experience and hands-on expertise. We turn insights and data into an action plan you can move on immediately. So you can plan to reopen your building with confidence— and make it more resilient for tomorrow.

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