Non-Communicating Thermostats

Non-Communicating Thermostats

Non-Communicating Thermostats

A full line of both programmable and non-programmable thermostats to fit most needs. Leveraging the intuitive user interface developed for our digital display sensor line, Trane thermostats are easier to program and read. Universal graphics allow easy understanding and language independence. Thermostats are ideal for customers who desire a lower first cost and easy installation.


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Non-Programmable Thermostats provide consistent temperature 24/7 based on customer’s preferences.

  • Thermostat, non-programmable, 1-heat/1-cool
  • Thermostat, non-programmable, 3-heat/2-cool

Programmable Thermostats automatically control the temperature settings based on a predetermined schedule to reduce energy costs during unoccupied periods.

  • Thermostat, programmable, 3-heat/2-cool
  • Thermostat, programmable, touch screen, 3-heat/2-cool, dehumidification


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