VariTrane™ Round In Round Out


VariTrane™ Round In Round Out

The Round-in/Round-out VAV unit (VRRF) is a retrofit product designed to simplify upgrading of an existing old-style VariTrane™ units to DDC.

Product Overview

VariTrane Round Inlet/Round Outlet

Round Inlet/Round Outlet (VRRF) units are designed to improve energy efficiency and reduce overall operating cost in existing systems.

Typical VRRF retrofit applications include:

  • Bypass/replace existing mechanical regulator (air valve)
  • Upgrade building and/or unit controls (e.g. Pneumatic to BACnet®) with or without replacing the mechanical regulator (air valve)
  • Convert Constant Air Volume System to Variable Air Volume System
  • Convert pressure dependent Variable Air Volume System to pressure independent Variable Air Volume System (e.g. Trane® VariTrac®)
  • Convert Multizone (Dual Duct) Systems to Variable Air Volume System

VRRF units are also applied in non-retrofit or new applications, notably small building variable air volume systems also known as Zoned Rooftop Systems.


  • Available Sizes: 4 in. to 16 in.
  • Airflow Range: 0 - 4,000 cfm
  • Available for installation in both vertical and horizontal airflow
  • Optional adapter plate for easy integration with legacy Trane VAV units
  • Optional LEED wrap for preventing contamination during the construction phase
  • Optional factory mounted, wired, tested and commissioned pressure independent controls
    • DDC (Comm3 or Comm 4), LonTalk, BACnet Communication
    • Trane Air-Fi® Wireless Communication
  • Additional factory mounted, wired, tested options
    • Modulating actuator
    • Power fuse
    • Control power transformer
    • Toggle disconnect switch
    • Relay kits
    • Duct temperature sensor
    • Modulating hot water control valves



Installation Operation Maintenance (IOMs)

Building Systems Upgrades

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HVAC System Retrofits

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