Whatever man and Mother Nature throw their way, Trane products are nearly unstoppable. Check out these amazing videos and photos of Trane products that triumphed over the most extreme real-life situations imaginable.


Watch the truly remarkable units perform under extreme conditions and across generations.

Running in a Flood

Running in a Flood

Trane XL1200 Package Unit running in flood waters.

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Crushed by a Collapsed Wall

Crushed by a Collapsed Wall

Trane Air Conditioner slammed by falling debris still runs.

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Slammed by a Backhoe

Slammed by a Backhoe

This unit was run over by a back how and is still working hard.

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Underwater Operation

Underwater Operation

Trane unit still running strong under flood waters.

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Survived the Test of Time

Survived the Test of Time

This Trane Package Unit ran under intense heat for almost 50 years.

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Photos of our Champions

Read more stories about a few of our units who have withstood the test of time and Mother Nature's wrath.

Impaled by a Huge Icicle
Name: Frank
Location: Wellesley, MA

“Our Trane ran flawlessly for seven years — it finally took being impaled by a massive icicle to bring the unit to its knees! Our local Trane Comfort Specialist dealer is replacing it with a new Trane in the next month or two.”


Flattened by a Huge Tree
Name: Laura
Location: Dallas, TX

“The only thing that could stop our Trane was a massive tree falling on it. Mother nature was frustrated! Fortunately, our 6-month-old unit was unscathed and our local Trane Comfort Specialist was able to repair his older brother within 48 hours.”


Chugging Away for 20 Years
Name: Paul
Location: Pine Knoll Shores, NC

“Our Trane XL1200 has been chugging away for 20 years on the hot and humid coast of North Carolina. It's still running strong!”


Flooded, but Still Running
Name: Cade
Location: Broussard, LA

“Our area had a huge flood. A homeowner called my Trane dealership and said her unit was little "crooked." When I arrived, this is what I saw: the unit had been submerged and caused the concrete slab it was mounted on to float up at an angle! Not only was the unit still running, but it was a perfect 72 degrees in the house. Yes, it's hard to stop a Trane!”


Still Running After 30+ Years
Name: Jonathan
Location: Media, PA

“This Trane is celebrating 30+ years of operation and still going strong!”


Bashed by a Tree
Name: Ivan
Location: Damar, KS

“This Trane unit that was hit by a tree that fell during a storm. The unit was stood back up on its side, cycled on and — low and behold — it's cooling the house until a replacement unit can be installed. The homeowner reports it's cooling just as good as it did before!”


Struck by Lightning
Name: Bernard
Location: Venice, FL

“The only thing that stopped my 26-year-old Trane was being hit by lightning! I wish more companies still made products like this!”


Ran for 32 Years Straight
Name: Christina
Location: Laurel, MD

“This 32-year-old heat pump ran year-round in the humid town of Laurel, Maryland. It's being replaced by another Trane heat pump — here's to another 32 years!”


Squashed by a Huge Tree
Name: Melanie
Location: Rabbit Hash, KY

“Not even a massive tree falling on this Trane could stop it! It made a lot of racket but it kept running!”


Crunched by a Falling Chimney
Name: Patrick
Location: Rabbit Hash, KY

“Lighting struck this homeowner’s chimney 22 feet above this Trane unit and 3 tons of brick fell on top of it. All it did was bust the pump-ups and damage the top a little. The unit was still running when I got to the call! It's REALLY hard to stop a Trane!”


37 Years of Florida Heat
Name: Unknown
Location: Sarasota, FL

“In 2008, Gator A/C from Sarasota, Fla. and local news station ABC 7 set out to find the oldest air conditioner in the region. After months of searching, they found this 37-year-old Trane unit running tirelessly – and according to the homeowner, it had never needed a repair. As a reward, Gator A/C replaced it with a brand new Trane.”


Flood Water Survivor
Name: Unknown
Location: Florida

“When Hurricane Floyd struck the coast of Florida in 1999, it unleashed high winds and torrents of rain. First responders in a flooded neighborhood found this Trane, still running underwater.”


Still Running After Half a Century
Name: Unknown
Location: Florida

“This unit from Florida turns 50 this year and despite the intense heat and humidity, half a century later, it’s still keeping its owners comfortable.”


Bashed by Backhoe
Name: Unknown
Location: Unknown

“This trusty old Trane was hit by a backhoe in a construction project gone awry. Despite receiving significant structural damage, it continued to provide unstoppable comfort.”


Crushed by SUV
Name: Dan C.
Location: Little Rock, AR

“The driver of a large SUV hit the gas instead of the brake when attempting to pull out of his parking spot, completely crushing this heat pump, or so it seemed. Unbelievably, when the local fire department arrived at the scene, they found the unit’s ClimaTuff compressor still running strong!”


Slammed by Falling Wall
Name: Unknown
Location: Unknown

“This Trane air conditioner was smashed from above when the adjacent wall collapsed, sending a huge chunk of concrete through the top. Despite the force of the impact, the unit’s exterior shell and SpineFin coils stayed largely intact!”


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