Snowball II is the nickname for the durable Climatuff® compressor at Trane’s Compressor Test Lab. It’s named for the block of ice it has encased itself in by running nonstop since 2000, and still is today.


Snowball II lives at the Trane Compressor Test Lab in Tyler, Texas. This is the test lab where the durable Climatuff® compressor is constantly running, enduring extreme heat and cold, working tirelessly at high pressure levels and proving that it really is hard to stop a Trane.


The original Snowball, also a Climatuff® compressor, began its life in late 1972, running nearly 28 years under the same lab standards and encasing itself in a ball of ice. It ran at an estimated 3500 rpm, equaling an automobile running between 60 and 70 miles per hour, covering 14.8 million miles. Now, that's a road trip.

The funny story behind Snowball is that it showed up at the lab “DOA” for some unexplained reason, but when it was started up it ran fine. Not just fine, it ran great. Well, what do you do with a compressor that's running great? At the Trane Compressor Test Lab, you re-weld it and put it into continuous flood test mode. Five presidents later and after seeing the rise and fall of disco, glam rock and grunge music, Snowball finally ran out of steam, but left a legacy in the name of the patented Trane Climatuff® compressor found in every Trane heat pump and air conditioner today.

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