3 Ways Nexia™ Diagnostics Keeps Your Air Conditioner And Furnace Running Smooth

Nexia Diagnostics is the advanced warning system your heating and cooling system needs to stop breakdowns before they happen

By the time you notice a problem with your heating and cooling system, the damage is already done. You may have to go days without heat or air conditioning until the problem can be identified and fixed. Nexia Diagnostics helps your preferred heating and air conditioning dealer remotely monitor your equipment so problems are stopped before they become emergencies. 

Smart thermostat with dealer picture

Your heating and air conditioning system is one of the most expensive pieces of equipment in your home. Nexia Diagnostics keeps watch over your HVAC system so it runs like it should.  With your approval and a Nexia-enabled Trane thermostat, your HVAC system performance information is shared with your trusted dealer.

3 ways Nexia Diagnostics can help your heating and cooling system

  1. Proactive Customer Service: Your dealer will have the necessary information to determine an accurate course of action quicker than ever, from anywhere. If a service call is necessary, your dealer already knows what is needed, saving you and your system valuable time.
  2. System Diagnosis: Your dealer will be able to diagnose an issue proactively and prevent a possible major system malfunction down the road.
  3. Automated Alerts: If any HVAC system alerts are generated, they’re sent directly to your dealer for immediate action. These early warnings can help keep your comfort on track or possibly prevent a loss of comfort altogether.

Sharing your heating and air conditioning system performance data with your dealer through Nexia Diagnostics gives you get the highest level of service we can provide. Your dealer will have the necessary information they need at their fingertips to ensure your home remains comfortable.

Want Nexia Diagnostics to help keep your home heating and cooling system running smooth? Contact your local Trane Comfort Specialist™ today.