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Packaged System Maintenance Tips

Every homeowner should know how to spot serious trouble and know when to call an expert for help. Follow these helpful tips to get the most out of your heat pump and save on energy.

How to take care of your packaged system for peak performance

Depending on the configuration of your packaged system, it may include an air conditioner, heat pump, furnace or air handler. You should follow the recommended maintenance schedule for each of these systems. We recommend scheduling a professional service check once before heating season, and again before cooling season.


Discover the ways you can troubleshoot your HVAC system.

Warranty & Registration

After getting a new system, be sure to protect it with a warranty.

Owner’s Manual

Learn more about your product, like its technical specs and innovative technology.

Contact a local dealer

Dealers can answer questions, help you find the right products for your home, and repair your system.

We’re here to help

Connect with our Customer Care team about your products, warranties, and dealer concerns.

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