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Air Conditioner Maintenance

You don’t have to be an HVAC expert to take care of your air conditioner. Follow these tips to keep your system running well and catch problems before they escalate.

How Long Do AC Units Last?

Your air conditioner (AC) is a crucial part of keeping your home comfortable – especially during those hot summer months. It’s important to be aware of how long air conditioners last, so you don’t get the unwelcome surprise of a broken air conditioner in the peak of the summer heat. In general, air conditioners that are properly maintained can last 15 to 20 years. Homeowners who know what impacts AC lifespan, as well as the signs to look for that indicate something is going wrong with their system, can all but ensure their air conditioner lives a long and happy life keeping them cool for many years.


Discover the ways you can troubleshoot your HVAC system.

Warranty & Registration

After getting a new system, be sure to protect it with a warranty.

Owner’s Manual

Learn more about your product, like its technical specs and innovative technology.

Contact a local dealer

Dealers can answer questions, help you find the right products for your home, and repair your system.

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