We understand that with the current climate and social distancing new normal – having someone in your home now comes with questions. We’ve got the answers

As the Covid-19 outbreak continues to disrupt our daily lives and more of us stay indoors, the stress on home appliances – especially your AC unit may be too much. What should you do? What should you ask of the experts and how can you help minimize the risk of further coronavirus exposure and spread? Here’s what we recommend.

If my A/C or furnace breaks – can I still call for a repair?  

Yes. Our Trane service technicians are currently taking calls and appointments.

We will continue to monitor the situation as every state and local area is responding to the outbreak based on the severity of the outbreak in each area. If we are no longer able to service any area – we will update with a message.  

Steps service professionals should take

The CDC has several recommendations for how businesses can clean their facilities and educate their employees to help minimize the risk of spread. We recommend contacting your local Trane Expert and ask what steps they are taking to ensure your safety. Some basics that all businesses should follow include:

  • Are employees checked for fever daily?
  • What procedures are in place to clean service trucks and equipment?
  • Are shoe covers and gloves accessible or necessary? 
  • How often are uniforms cleaned?

Social distance service call – what we recommend

If an emergency repair is needed, there are some common-sense steps you can take to help minimize your risk and the risk of infecting your HVAC expert. 

  • Don’t meet if you’re showing any symptoms
  • Wipe door handles clean where a service technician may need access
  • Hold any discussions outside when possible
  • Maintain social distance best practices (don’t shake hands, keep distance, don’t share pens, paper, etc.) 

If you or anyone in your home is showing symptoms, don’t schedule a service call

To ensure the health of a service technician and limit the chance for additional infection, don’t call or schedule a service appointment if you or anyone in your home is showing symptoms. Cancel any appointments until the risk of infection is gone. Thank you.

Final Thought

Stay educated and up to date about what the situation on the ground is like where you live. Make the best choice for your family and call your local Trane HVAC expert for details about how they’re handling the situation. We’re all in this together.