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Heat Pump + Air Handler Matched Systems

A heat pump paired with an air handler is most popular in warm, humid areas of the country.

What does a heat pump do?

Unlike a furnace, a heat pump doesn’t burn fuel to make heat. It simply uses electricity to move heat from one place to another. A heat pump is an energy efficient way to cool your home in the summer and heat it in the winter.

What does an air handler do?

Matched in capacity and efficiency rating with the heat pump, air handlers circulate conditioned air throughout your home. An air handler contains an inside coil and a blower fan, with the additional possibility of an auxiliary electric strip heater. Trane air handlers are available with single, multi or variable-speed motors. Variable-speed models are known for soft starts, high humidity control features and 12 selectable levels of airflow capacity, as well as the enhanced comfort mode, the Comfort-R™ airflow system.

Add to your home comfort system

An air cleaner is an integral part of a home comfort system. A Trane CleanEffects® Whole Home Air Cleaner air filtration system is up to 99.98% effective with filtering dust and pollutants out of the air you breathe. Adding an air cleaner can also help reduce pollen, pet dander, dust and smoke in your home.

The thermostat controls your home comfort system. Trane's digital, programmable thermostats give you precise temperature control and allow you to program your heating and cooling requirements depending upon your daily activities and schedule.

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