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R410A Refrigerant

What is R410A and How Does it it Relate to Your Air Conditioner

R-410A is a new type of refrigerant created to replace traditional Freon refrigerant, dubbed R-22. This new refrigerant is chlorine-free and meets many of the newer environmental guidelines.
Because there’s no chlorine in it, R-410A doesn’t cause the same damage to the ozone layer that older refrigerants do. For this reason and because it’s generally more efficient, many manufacturers have made the switch away from R-22 to the newer R-410A refrigerant.

Is R-410A being phased out?

Manufacturers are beginning to consider phasing out R-410A refrigerant for the new refrigerant with lower global warming impact. Stay tune with upcoming new products from Trane. Homeowners making a new purchase today can still buy systems that use R-410A. Unlike with R-22, there is no ban on production or import of R-410A refrigerant, and the R-22 ban does not affect homeowners who already own a R-22 system.

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