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Heating and Cooling an In-Law Suite

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Heating and Cooling an In-Law Suite

Add more living space to your property.

Despite the common name, an in-law suite is simply a smaller residence, usually near the main house. It can be used as a living space for family members, or even rented out as an apartment to tenants for supplemental income. Whatever your reason for building an in-law suite, you'll want to speak to a Trane Comfort Specialist™ before beginning construction to make sure the following HVAC considerations are taken into account.

  • Square footage

    Since the square footage will be significantly smaller than a typical home, heating and cooling the in-law suite will require a less powerful system. A Trane Comfort SpecialistTM can help you find an HVAC system configuration that will match the size and layout of your home's added living space.

  • Ductwork

    During the planning stage, you'll have to decide whether ductwork will be installed, and where it will be positioned in relation to the HVAC system. If you decide not to install ductwork, ductless heating and cooling systems are a popular choice for smaller-footprint homes.

  • Utilities

    If your home's added living space will be fed by both natural gas and electric lines, you'll have a wide range of heating and cooling options for your in-law suite. However, if the residence will be electric only, your choices will be more limited. Talk to your local Trane Comfort Specialist™ to learn about the HVAC options available with your utility configuration.

Heating and Cooling an In-Law Suite

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