Diagnostics: What It Is and How To Opt-In

Diagnostics are a simple and convenient way to help make sure your home comfort systems are running smoothly. Diagnostics allows you to send data from your HVAC systems to your local dealer, so they can remotely access real-time information about your HVAC system to diagnose, fix and even prevent system issues.

With Trane Diagnostics, you can program your Trane Home-enabled smart thermostat to send data directly to your dealer, providing you with the peace of mind and reassurance that your HVAC systems are working to the best of their ability.

So, what is Diagnostics? What will the dealer see?

Diagnostics gives your dealer a peek into the overall operation of your system. There are two key concepts related to Diagnostics:

  • Remote Diagnostics: Allows your dealer to see basic data from your HVAC system (like runtime information, configuration settings, and alerts). You only need to opt-in once, and your dealer will have access to data indefinitely, unless you choose to opt-out.
  • Remote access: Allows your dealer to tap into your HVAC system remotely to troubleshoot or fix a problem. This is a feature within the Diagnostics application, and every time a dealer wants remote access, you’ll need to approve or deny it. Remote access ends once the dealer has completed the job, or you disable access.

Once you opt-in to Diagnostics, your dealer can only see your opted-in system’s performance data. They won’t be able to see information from any other device in your home, even the ones connected to the Trane Home app. Your system’s data is completely encrypted, secured, and limited to the system you choose to link with Diagnostics.

What the dealer can see on your opted-in system includes temperature and humidity statistics, the thermostat’s temperature history, and your system’s temperature scheduling program if you have one. Your dealer will also receive system alerts that cover anything from routine maintenance reminders to system malfunctions. Keep in mind, the amount of data your dealer receives depends on the type of equipment you have.

How to opt-in to remote Diagnostics

You can easily activate Diagnostics from the Trane Home app or webpage. When you purchase a Trane system and create a Home account, you’ll be given an option to opt-in to Diagnostics as part of set-up. The box or switch to opt-in to Diagnostics should be automatically checked when you visit the page, but it won’t be activated until you save the setting. Here’s how to do it:

Opt-in with the app:

  1. Sign into the Trane Home mobile app.
  2. If you’ve connected multiple homes to the app, go to the dropdown menu and select which home you want to opt-in to Diagnostics. If you’ve connected just one home, move to step three.

3. Select the menu icon, then select “App Settings.”

4. Select “Home Settings.”

5. Find the text that reads: “Enable my HVAC dealer to see diagnostic information about my HVAC system, as well as my name and home address.” Ensure the switch to opt-in is on the right; if not, slide the switch to the right.

6. Select “Save.”

Opt-in from your computer:

  1. Sign into the Trane Home web portal.
  2. If you’ve connected multiple homes to your account, go to the dropdown menu and select which home you want to opt-in to Diagnostics. If you’ve connected just one home, move to step three.

3. Select “Edit.”

4. Find the text that reads: “Enable my HVAC dealer to see diagnostic information about my HVAC system, as well as my name and home address.” Ensure the box to opt-in is checked; if not, check the box.

5. Select “Save Changes.”

What are the benefits of HVAC diagnostics?

Diagnostics help get you back to comfort faster when there’s a problem. Here are some other perks.

Peace of mind for homeowners

Giving your dealer access to your system’s Diagnostics can lessen your worry about how your system’s really performing. Your dealer will have access to check what’s happening on the inside, so you don’t have to.

Catch potential problems early

Your dealer can catch potential issues and fix them quickly before they turn into larger problems. This keeps your system in peak performance condition, which can extend its lifespan.

Save time and money

When the dealer can diagnose a problem in advance, it speeds up the repair or replacement process, because they can come to the service call with all the necessary supplies and parts. Plus, this can lessen the time the dealer spends figuring out the problem, which could save you money on the labor costs.

Contactless service

If you choose to grant remote access, your dealer may be able to fix issues without ever entering your home. That’s a big deal during the pandemic, especially for people still nervous about letting a dealer into their home.

Remote fixes

If you grant remote access when there’s a problem, the dealer can fix some issues remotely. For example, dealers can remotely help with thermostat-scheduling issues. If you’ve accidentally set your system’s heating and cooling functions to compete with each other, the dealer can see that and work with you to figure out a better temperature solution.

Dealers can also work on configuration issues remotely if part of your system was set up incorrectly during installation. This means, if your home has something like a wireless sensor that’s supposed to control the temperature but doesn’t have that capability, the dealer could reprogram it remotely.

When remote visits aren’t possible

There are times when a dealer still needs to enter your home to resolve an issue. For instance, if a part of your system malfunctions, your thermostat isn’t responding, or your system starts making strange noises, your dealer may need to look at your system in person.

But, Diagnostics can still help speed up the process because the dealer will already have additional information when they arrive at your home. They may have already pinpointed the issue and can use that as a starting point, which will still save you time, money and stress, making Diagnostics a win in any situation.