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Trane furnace is on a platform inside of a room with glowing red lights and fog.
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Trane’s Best Furnaces

Find out which furnace ranks #1 in these key categories: most efficient, quietest, and best value.

March 11, 2019
Finding the best furnace for your home can be difficult. It really comes down to knowing what features matter to you most. Do you want the best value? Do you want the most energy efficient? Or maybe a bit of both?
In order to make your choice a little easier, we’ve identified the furnace that performs the best in three important categories: energy efficiency, quiet operation and value. We’ll explain what those categories mean and highlight how our best furnaces perform so you can make an informed decision.

Furnace features you need to know

The technical terms and features of furnaces can feel like a foreign language. Even if you begin to understand them, how do you know what features are right for your home? Honestly, your best resource for a thorough understanding of the latest equipment and what your home needs is your local HVAC specialist. However, there are a few basics you should know.
  • Energy Efficiency - Furnaces, like air conditioners and any other home appliance, consume energy to work. Some furnaces use less energy than others to get the same results. A furnace AFUE rating can help you tell the difference. Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) is a measure of a gas furnace’s efficiency in converting fuel to energy. A higher AFUE means greater energy efficiency. Greater energy efficiency can translate into lower monthly energy costs. Keep in mind: Standard efficiency = 80% AFUE. High efficiency = 90% AFUE and above.
  • Sound Level - For residential areas with strict noise level standards or if space is limited, having a quiet running furnace can be key. In furnaces, moving parts like blower motors, fans as well as cabinet insulation quality can limit noise. Many units are rated with a Nominal Sound Level — the average sound level in decibels. The higher the number, the louder the unit. For example:
  • Value - We don’t define best value as our lowest priced unit. At Trane, we define value by identifying the furnace that delivers a high-efficiency rating and updated features but is more affordable than our most advanced units. Think of these like Goldilocks — not too high, not too low — just right.

Most Efficient Furnace - Trane XC95M

Trane XC95m gas furnace
The XC95M gas furnace has the highest AFUE rating in our family of products at 97.3%. With that level of energy efficiency, customers can possibly save up to 38% per year in energy costs*. Our most efficient furnace is Energy Star Qualified and includes a variable-speed blower motor and communicating technology to constantly calibrate and keep your home at an optimal temperature and avoid spikes that lead to increased energy consumption.

Quietest Furnace - Trane S9V2-VS

Trane S9V2-VS gas furnace.
The Trane S9V2-VS gas furnace includes our patented Vortica II blower and a heavy steel insulated cabinet to help it run quietly. The S9V2-VS is also Energy Star Qualified with an AFUE rating of 97% — making it a great combination of energy efficiency and quiet operation.

Best Value Furnace - Trane S9X1

We’ve identified the Trane S9X1 gas furnace as our best value furnace because it checks all the boxes for efficiency and quality at a more affordable price point. With an AFUE rating of up to 96%, the S9X1 qualifies as a “high efficiency” furnace. So if you’re replacing an older, standard or lower rated unit, you can still see noticeable energy savings.

One last thing

You can see our entire lineup of furnaces to compare features and find the one that matches your needs best. Where you live, home size and more all make a difference in finding the perfect furnace. Your local Trane Comfort Specialist will conduct a custom evaluation and work with you to find the best furnace for your home.
Savings calculated based on a comparison of a furnace with a 60% AFUE rating. Potential energy savings may vary depending on your personal lifestyle, system settings and usage, equipment maintenance, local climate, actual construction and installation of equipment and duct system.
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