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An HVAC technician with a white hard hat is standing in a heating room.
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Top HVAC Techs Compete for HVAC Championship

For many homeowners, interaction with their local HVAC technician usually occurs during a seasonal tune-up, installation, or repair call. What they may not realize is the extensive training required to be a service tech, or the depth of knowledge and troubleshooting skills that the job demands on any given day.

August 15, 2023
Service Titans

The second annual ServiceTitan HVAC National Championship (SHNC) showcases the skills of the top HVAC techs in the US and Canada, culminating in a reality TV-style competition broadcast on CBS Sports Network later this year. (Watch the 2022 ServiceTitan HVAC National Championship on YouTube.) As one of the headline sponsors of the championship, Trane is helping drive awareness to the trades—celebrating the industry’s top performers while cultivating the next generation of skilled HVAC technicians and apprentices.

The HVAC Tech’s Route to Victory 

Like any favorite sports team, the route to vie for a national championship isn’t easy. The competition is open to any HVAC apprentice with less than three years of experience or any professional who is EPA-certified, a Licensed Technician, and has more than three years of experience. The first round, an online digital quiz testing HVAC knowledge sponsored by Trane, runs from March 1 to July 31, 2023.

In round two, taking place during August, the 38 professionals and 38 apprentices with the highest quiz scores will receive an at-home kit to test their practical skills and workmanship while completing a task.

On October 28, it’s showtime! Based on the results of round two, the top 15 professionals and 15 apprentices will compete in person at the Tampa Convention Center for more than $100,000 in cash and prizes—with the winning professional and apprentice taking home $40,000 and $25,000 respectively. In addition to an all-expense-paid trip to Tampa, finalists will receive a VIP prize packages. As was the case in 2022, the event will be featured on CBS Sports Network, with the broadcast date to be determined.

“I loved being in that atmosphere and meeting guys from across the country who do the same work as me,” says Mack Shwert, who works for Homeserve USA in Woburn, Massachusetts and won the 2022 competition. “It felt like a bunch of friends working—it was the best ‘side job’ I’ve ever had in my life. I made $40,000 for two hours of work—you can’t beat that!”

Increasing Visibility for the Trades

SHNC is part of the Elite Trades Championship Series, which also includes similar national competitions for automotive and electrical technicians, with plumbing being added in the future. The programs aren’t just about the bragging rights, however—they’re designed to build awareness for tradespeople and the career opportunities that are available. While all skilled trade sectors being challenged by the US labor shortage, HVAC is being hit particularly hard. According to industry statistics, about 85,000 jobs are currently unfilled. By sponsoring the HVAC national championship and pioneering training initiatives such as Trade Warriors Trane is ensuring a bright future for aspiring technicians—and that homeowners can depend on them when they need them most.

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