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These Brothers Do What’s Right, Donate HVAC Units to Locks of Love

Enjoy a heartwarming story about HVAC business owners donating Trane systems to Locks of Love.

October 26, 2021

Glenn Glazer, director of sales and marketing at Temperature Control Solutions Inc. (TCS) in West Palm Beach, Florida, sat across the desk from Locks of Love founder Madonna Coffman, poised to quote her a price on a new Trane HVAC unit for the nonprofit’s headquarters building. Glenn typed a number into the calculator on his phone and turned it around to show her.

“Zero dollars?” she said. “This must be a mistake.”

Locks of Love provides hair prosthetics to financially disadvantaged children suffering from long-term hair loss in the U.S. and Canada free of charge, and Glenn’s zero-dollar quote was no mistake. It’s doing what’s right, and that’s how brothers and Temperature Control Solutions co-owners Rey and Raymond Rivera have been running their business since they started it in 2017.

Raymond and Ray Rivera donated a Trane XR16 air conditioner and a TEM6 variable speed air handler through the Do What's Right Program.

Doing what’s right

Temperature Control Solutions donated a Trane 3-ton XR16 air conditioner and TEM6 variable speed air handler to Locks of Love through Trane’s Do What’s Right Program, which is available to Trane Comfort Specialist dealers. It allows the dealers to help those in need — both nonprofits and individuals. Dealers donate the installation and the incidental parts and supplies needed to complete it.

“When we decided to become an elite Trane dealer, the Do What’s Right Program caught our attention immediately,” Rey said. “It fits right into our business model — we always try to do good for people — so partnering with Trane was an easy decision. We have a great opportunity to give back, so we told our team to keep their eyes open for an individual or nonprofit organization that needs our help.”

No strangers to helping others

Rey and Raymond are no strangers to helping others. Even before the Do What’s Right Program, they’ve routinely discounted or donated some equipment or service to someone who desperately needed it but couldn’t afford it. Such as a 101-year-old man who recently needed a $1,400 fan motor to survive South Florida’s summer heat and humidity.

Temperature Control Solutions employees install Trane HVAC units.

“I don’t think anyone expects to live that long, and we felt for this customer, so of course we donated the fan motor at our expense,” Rey said. “I grew up with my great grandfather, and he lived to be well over 100 years old and he always did what’s right. So we took care of this customer and moved on to the next one.”

Rey says they may have been able to donate the unit to Locks of Love themselves if the Do What’s Right Program didn’t exist, but the program allows Temperature Control Solutions to help even more people by covering the cost of the equipment. As it is, Temperature Control Solutions covers the cost of pulling permits, all of the parts and supplies needed for installation, and the technicians’ time and expertise. It all adds up.

But wait, there’s more

The donation for Locks of Love was made even more special by the team in our West Palm Beach Trane Supply store, who offered to cover the necessary parts and supplies.

“This is another example of Trane going above and beyond to do a good deed,” Rey said. “As the person with the privilege of making the decision to donate to Locks of Love, I love seeing all of these people come together, including my staff here at the office, from billing to scheduling to the technician who did the installation. Our company is still relatively new, and I love that Trane is helping us give back to the community.

“Our Trane Account Manager Mike Pienkowski has been so good to us throughout, and Sales Leader John Jenson even visited the customer site on installation day. It’s been amazing getting all of the support and attention, especially considering this is a job we’re not making any money on. We feel really proud to see good things happening for a great organization that gives so much.”

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