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Why We’re Changing Trane Product Names

Learn why Trane is changing the names of our products and what it means for you. Contact your local Trane dealer for all your HVAC needs.

March 11, 2024

Hint: To make getting to know us easier for you

Let’s face it: Product names in the HVAC industry have traditionally been a little confusing. From SEER2 ratings to compressor speeds, plus different add-on options, it can be a lot to decode a mysterious string of acronyms and numbers. After all, comfort is the goal, not becoming a master code breaker. 

That’s why Trane is in the process of changing our product names: to make our HVAC systems easier to understand—and above all, to help you choose the air conditioner, heat pump, furnace, or air handler that’s right for you.

Making Trane Product Names Intuitive

One of the key changes is how our new naming system uses three tiers to indicate relative performance within a product line: 

  • Premier. These top-tier systems use the latest, most advanced technology to push the boundaries in delivering truly controlled, premier comfort. 
  • Priority. As the name implies, mid-level systems prioritize whole-home comfort through advanced features working together to create enhanced comfort. 
  • Choice. These systems offer an ideal balance between affordability and modern capabilities, options, and quality. 

Tiers can be mixed between product lines by your dealer to create the best overall HVAC solution. No matter the tier, you're still getting a system tailored to your unique needs by Trane, America's Most Trusted® HVAC brand. 1

new products

In addition, the new model names use easy-to-understand language to inform you exactly what the product is and does, and the features it offers.  

Air conditioners, heat pumps, and packaged units: Each name starts with the industry-standard SEER2 efficiency rating, and then includes the type of product and any important features. For example:  

  • 20 TruComfort™ Variable Speed Heat Pump with WeatherGuard™ Top 
  • 17 Two-Stage Air Conditioner 
  • 14 Single-Stage Gas Furnace/Air Conditioner Packaged 

Furnaces: Model names start with the industry-standard annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating, and then the number of heating stages and any notable features. For example: 

  • 97 Modulating Variable Speed Gas Furnace 
  • 80 Two-Stage Gas Furnace 
  • 95 Single-Stage Ultra-Low NOx Gas Furnace 

Air handlers: Depending on the model, the name may include a brand, fan speed, or other descriptor. For example: 

  • Hyperion™ Variable Speed Air Handler 
  • 120V Modular Variable Speed Air Handler 
  • Compact Plus Air Handler
TT Trane New Product Naming Graphic Tiers Names 730x300 022124 1

Low GWP Refrigerants: Why Trane’s HVAC Model Names Are Changing Now

If you’re wondering “why now?”, it’s part of another important change within the industry. By 2025, the HVAC industry will be transitioning to what are known as low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants, which will minimize environmental impact. You can read more about these more sustainable refrigerants in our guide to low-GWP coolants

Here’s why this matters to you and your decision-making. During the transition period in 2024, you may see some Trane equipment on the market with similar efficiency ratings and features—but one of the models will be using the older R-410A refrigerant while the other will use the new, more sustainable R-454B refrigerant.  

For example, the XR15 Heat Pump model uses R-410A, while the new 15 Single-Stage Heat Pump has been designed for R-454B. Both have 15 SEER2 efficiency ratings, and you can depend on either one of them to deliver Trane quality, reliability, and home comfort. Your local Trane dealer will be happy to discuss your best options.

  1. America’s Most Trusted®: Trane received the highest numerical score in the proprietary Lifestory Research 2015-2024 America’s Most Trusted®️ HVAC Brand studies. Study results are based on the experiences and perceptions of people surveyed. Your experiences may vary. Visit www.lifestoryresearch.com
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