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Trane oudoor HVAC system is pictured close up with a white fence and flowers in the background.

Checklist for Buying a New HVAC System

Buying a new heating and cooling system can be intimidating, but your local dealer is ready to help.

February 27, 2018

First step: Prepare

First, make sure your old unit needs to be replaced. You may be able to service your old unit without replacing it. A local dealer can help you determine if it’s time to buy a new unit. Generally, a furnace can last 12 to 18 years with proper maintenance, and an air conditioner can last anywhere from 10 to 16 years. An older unit, however, may run inefficiently and require lots of maintenance, meaning it may be cheaper, in the long run, to update an older furnace with a newer, more efficient model.
  • Find out how old your system is
  • Research maintenance history
  • Contact a local Trane dealer
A Trane air conditioner system outside of a home with brick walls.

Second step: Research

Once you and your local dealer determine it’s time for you to purchase a new system, consider size and efficiency. Avoid purchasing an oversized unit. If the unit is too big, it can cause uneven temperature problems. Your dealer will be able to measure and inspect your home and recommend the best size. Also, think about energy efficiency. Look at the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) to help make your decision. While 13-14 SEER is the minimum, depending on your region, anything above 16 is considered high efficiency.
  • Look over your past energy bills
  • Consider future energy needs for your home
SEER Standard by Region of the US from 13 SEER in the North to 14 SEER + EER in the Southwest and 14 SEER and Southeast.

Third step: Shop

It’s important to feel confident in your HVAC purchase. Check out the ratings of Trane dealers in your area. Choosing a dealer with the proper training, equipment and knowledge will help ensure you choose the right system for your home.
  • Choose a local Trane dealer
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Enjoy your new heating and cooling system
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