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This is a photograph of an interior warehouse ceiling showing the support beams, lights and ventilation ducts.
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A Love of Learning Leads Craig to Round 2 of the ServiceTitan HVAC National Championship

Craig is one of 38 professionals moving to the next round of competition.

October 16, 2023
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“I wasn’t sure how quickly I needed to answer the questions,” he said. “I took the quiz every day and got into a rhythm. I was able to answer more and more questions in the five-minute timeframe because I was seeing them every day and remembering them. I’m thrilled to have won in May. This is a great opportunity.”

A love of learning

Craig got his start in plumbing and, when work slowed down in the summer, was asked by his company to learn heating and cooling. He attended school and then returned to help build out his company’s HVAC business.

“I love learning and I was excited about a new opportunity in HVAC,” he said. “I also enjoy teaching, so I started a program at my company to train the other plumbers to do HVAC service.”

That’s where he met last year’s ServiceTitan HVAC National Championship winner, Mack Shwert. Mack was Craig’s apprentice. Over the years, Craig has worked on both Trane and American Standard equipment.

He now works in the facilities department at Boston University as a lead worker. He was recently promoted to a leadership role on a team of 26 people charged with maintaining the university’s facilities. Craig loves the problem-solving aspect of his work and says his background in plumbing and HVAC helps him work closely with other departments more easily. Always learning, he took the opportunity to complete Boston University’s facilities management program. And he still does HVAC service and replacement on the side to help out friends and family.

On joining the competition

“I didn’t know about the ServiceTitan competition until I heard Mack was in it,” Craig said. “Seeing Mack win was incredible, and I knew I wanted to be a part of it. After seeing Mack win, it was a no-brainer for me to enter this year’s competition. I’m pleasantly surprised to be here for round two. I have nothing to lose and it’s worth a shot!”

Next up: Round two

In August, competitors will complete a hands-on task with an at-home kit to test their skills and workmanship in round 2. The top 15 professionals and top 15 apprentices from round 2 will go head-to-head in Tampa, Florida, in late October to compete for more than $100,000 in cash and prizes.

Learn more about the ServiceTitan HVAC National Championship.

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