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HVAC technician in a denim Trane shirt smiles while inspecting an indoor Trane HVAC system.

5 Common Myths About Furnaces That Aren’t True

We’re putting some heat on these winter furnace myths.

September 13, 2018
Cooler weather doesn’t have to mean higher heating bills. Don’t fuel the fire of bad information — save your furnace and your wallet by separating fact from fiction.

1. FICTION: Close Your Vents to Close Off Heat

FACT: It almost feels like common sense to close the vents to rooms you don’t need to be heated, but your furnace distributes heat equally throughout your home no matter what. Closing the vents to unused rooms only makes your furnace work harder and less efficiently — keep them open to keep air flowing freely.

2. FICTION: It’s Normal to Have Cold Feet

FACT: Having cold floors in the winter means your home isn’t well-insulated, allowing the hot air you pay for to get out. Check the sealing around doors and windows, or hire a professional to properly seal your home so you can walk around comfortably.

3. FICTION: All You Need is Efficiency

FACT: Having an efficient system is important if you’re trying to lower your bills, but it doesn’t mean anything if your home isn’t optimized for heating. Aside from checking your insulation around doors and windows, contact an HVAC expert to inspect ductwork, fix leaks and keep the warm air inside.

4. FICTION: Run Your System Into the Ground

FACT: If your old furnace is breaking down, you might be tempted to just replace the bad parts until it finally quits. Replacing a furnace may seem expensive up front, but creating a frankenfurnace only causes your old system to work less efficiently and drive up your power bills. Find a new winter furnace that runs on less energy and fits your family’s budget.

5. FICTION: Maintenance Isn’t Mandatory

FACT: Don’t let small problems turn into large bills. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your furnace in top shape. Your local Trane Comfort Specialist can help fix any issues you might have with your furnace, and you can schedule seasonal maintenance to keep your system running at its peak year-round.
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