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    XL15c EarthWise® Hybrid Dual Fuel Packaged System

    An XL15c EarthWise Hybrid dual fuel system.

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    Technical Specs

    Efficiency Rating
    Up to 15 SEER2
    Up to 7.5 HSPF2
    Estimated Yearly

    Energy Savings


    Energy cost based on the rating of a matched system

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    Additional features of the XL15c EarthWise® Hybrid Dual Fuel Packaged System

    Trane’s XL15c EarthWise® Hybrid Dual Fuel Packaged System is a popular choice that delivers energy efficiency and helps lower your utility bills. The flexible, dual-fuel system, which alternates between gas and electric fuel sources, to cool and dehumidify in the summer and provide comfortable heat in the winter, delivers sustained and reliable performance. With a hybrid system that provides up to 15 SEER2 for cooling and 81% AFUE for heating, this ENERGY STAR® certified system ensures versatile fan settings and year-round comfort, no matter the weather.
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