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Lease Your HVAC. Lower Your Costs.¹

Get repairs, filters, maintenance, and a brand-new comfort system for one low monthly payment that never changes. Talk to your dealer to learn more about your leasing options.

Why should you lease your system?

Choose the Unstoppable Comfort Plan and lease your comfort system for one low monthly price that includes what you need to keep it running smoothly.

Repairs for 10 years

If something breaks, get it fixed without stretching your budget.

Maintenance for 10 years

Get service twice a year from a dealer who knows your system inside and out.

Filters for 10 years

Let your dealer install filters for your system during their maintenance visit.

Fixed monthly payment

Lease your new system with a low monthly payment that stays the same.

Lease your system with Trane’s Unstoppable Comfort Plan

Trane’s Unstoppable Comfort Plan helps you lease your system without worrying about maintenance, repair, and filter costs. Use the table to help determine the difference between leasing and a traditional financing plan.
Trane Unstoppable Comfort Plan
Typical 10-year financing
10-year term
Green check mark
Green check mark
10-year parts warranty on repairs
Green check mark
Green check mark
Product must be registered within 60 days of installation to receive the warranty
10-year labor warranty on repairs
Green check mark
A red x
Preventive maintenance (2x per year)
Green check mark
A red x
AC filters for life of agreement
Green check mark
A red x
Financed amount
Minimum amount varies
(some require > $10,000)

How does leasing work?

Setting up your lease is simple. Follow three easy steps to start enjoying a system that maximizes your comfort and gets along with your budget.

Apply for leasing with your dealer. Your application will go to our financing partner, who will run a credit check to determine your eligibility.
If you’re approved, choose your system and any accessories you want to bundle with it. That includes smart thermostats or the Trane CleanEffects® Whole Home Air Cleaner.
Make monthly payments for your system. Get repairs, maintenance, and filters to ensure your system keeps working the way you expect it to.

Should you lease your system or own it outright?

How you prefer to pay for your comfort system determines whether you should lease it or buy it outright. Follow this guide for help deciding which option you should choose.
You get the option of owning your equipment once the lease ends.
Own your equipment outright once you pay the upfront costs.
Upfront costs
Avoid potentially expensive upfront costs.
Pay what your dealer quotes you.
Monthly payments
Your monthly payment is low and stays the same the entire term of your lease.
No monthly payments if paid in cash. If financing, monthly payments depend on the length of your financing agreement.
Lease transferability
A lease can be transferred to the new buyer if the home sells.
If financed, the original owner has to pay off the balance.
Repair costs are included for parts and labor.
Labor repair costs are additional expenses paid for by the homeowner.
Leases include maintenance twice a year, and air filters are included at no additional cost.
Maintenance costs come at an additional cost to the homeowner.
*Total costs of monthly payments and interest over the entire term of the leasing agreement could exceed the initial total upfront costs of the same system.

Get more out of your system — and how you pay for it

Perks and low payments aren’t the only benefits to leasing your comfort system. Here’s what else you can expect when you apply for Trane’s Unstoppable Comfort Plan.

 More flexibility than financing

The minimum amount to qualify for the lease is $2,500. Compare that with financing, which typically requires a $10,000 minimum for a 10-year loan.

 No prepayment penalty

Pay off your lease early without taking on any prepayment fees. Just pay fair market value for your system, and it’s yours.

 All-inclusive warranty

Your lease automatically includes a 10-year parts and labor warranty. That means if your system fails, your replacement parts and labor are covered!

Getting Started Guide

Learn helpful HVAC tips and tricks before you purchase your system.

Pricing Guide

Various factors can impact the price of a new HVAC system: plan ahead with our guide.

Savings & Offers

Save on installation costs with tax credits, special offers, and manufacturer rebates. Pay for your system without breaking your budget.


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  1. The Trane Leasing Program is available in select parts of the country locations in the United States by through participating dealers. Ask your participating dealer for more information.
  2. Leasing details: Total costs of monthly payments and interest over the entire term of the leasing agreement could exceed the initial total upfront costs of the same system.