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Registering Your New Product FAQ

Can I register by phone?

Yes. If you have any difficulties with our online system, call our Warranty Registration Center at 1-855-260-2975 for assistance.

Why won’t my new serial number work?

If you’re getting an error message, make sure you’ve entered the serial number correctly and that you’re within the 90 day eligibility window. If you’re trying to register a new ductless system, enter the serial number followed by a “-” the model number (Example: 5001234T-MSZ-GE25VA-E1)

I got kicked out of the registration system. Do I have to start over?

Yes. Unfortunately if you’ve been disconnected or exited the online registration program before the final confirmation step, you’ll need to start over.

How do I know what product to register?

You need to register all new products of your HVAC system individually. The first step in our online registration system allows you to add multiple products. Look to your invoice for a list of all your new system components and the serial numbers you need or call our warranty specialists for help.

Where can I find my serial number?

You can find your serial number on the product or listed on your invoice. You can also call your dealer for help.

My product doesn’t have a serial number. Can I still register it?

Yes. You can use the model number to register products like accessories and thermostats. Our online system will prompt you for the information it needs to successfully register each product.

What products qualify as accessories?

Accessories include several types of products that support your HVAC system. These products include remote controls for ductless systems, thermostats and mini-split systems, ductless ceiling cassette trim, outdoor temperature sensors, bottom mount dampers and more.

I’m having trouble entering my contact information. What do I do?

Call our Warranty Registration Center if you continue to have problems. Here are some tips to help you properly fill out the contact information form: Home / Property owner address is the address of the property owner., Equipment Location address is the address where the equipment is physically located / installed., Home owner address and Equipment location address can be different., PO Boxes are not allowed for equipment location., Address line 1 is for the street address only., Address line 2 is used for Apartment number, Condominium number, Unit number, Suite number, etc., City field is the city the postal service uses to deliver mail., The installed address must be a USPS recognized address in order to complete your registration..

Warranty Search FAQ

Can I look up my warranty by phone?

Yes. If you have any difficulties with our online system, call our Warranty Registration Center at 1-855-260-2975 for assistance.

What products are included in the search system?

Only products that have been successfully registered are included in our system. Products that are not in our system may still be under warranty and covered under our Base Limited Warranty.

Do I have to look up all of my registered products?

No. When you search for one product, your final warranty report will also include any other products that were registered at the same time.

Is last name required?

You don’t need to enter a last name to search, however, certain homeowner information like home address will only be shared if the last name field is filled out accurately.

Whose last name do I use?

The last name should match the homeowner name associated with the initial product registration. If you don’t know what name was used you can continue without entering a name.

I entered my last name but don’t see my home address in the pdf. Why?

If the name you entered doesn’t match the name in our system for any reason, including misspellings, your warranty report won’t include that personal information for privacy reasons.

I’m not getting a result but I know my product is registered. Why?

Try entering a different serial number or choose “other” in the product type field. If you’re still having trouble, call 1-855-260-2975 for assistance.

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