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Oil Furnace Troubleshooting

Oil furnaces are most commonly found in homes in the northeastern United States, and work similarly to gas furnaces . But instead of natural gas coming in from an external utility line, oil furnaces burn fuel stored in a tank. If your oil furnace isn’t working properly, this oil-burning furnace troubleshooting guide may be able to help.

If you're not able to solve the issue on your own, call your local Trane Comfort Specialist. A certified technician will come to your home to help identify and resolve the issue.

Low airflow

Low airflow is one of the most common HVAC issues customers face, but thankfully it's usually easy to resolve. By changing or cleaning your air filter as often as recommended in your owner's manual, you'll maximize airflow, and keep your oil furnace running efficiently. If changing or cleaning the filter doesn't resolve your airflow problem, you may have a blockage in your air ducts. Contact your local Trane Comfort Specialist to have the ductwork inspected and cleaned.

Low heat output

If your oil furnace's heat output has decreased, there are a few things to check. Start by changing the setting on the thermostat. If that doesn't work, clean or replace the air and oil filters. If you're not comfortable changing the oil filter yourself, your local Tran Comfort Specialist can help. After changing or cleaning the filters, you may also want to have your local technician check and clean the blower assembly, which can become gummed up and dirty with use.

Furnace is making too much noise

If you've noticed that your oil furnace is making more noise than usual, call a Trane Comfort Specialist. They will be able to determine the reason for the noise, which could include a loose access panel, unlubricated belts or a dirty burner. These issues should be addressed by a certified technician.

Contact a Trane Comfort Specialist

If you're unable to identify or resolve the issue with your oil furnace using this troubleshooting guide, contact your local Trane Comfort Specialist. A certified technician will come to your home to diagnose and repair your oil-burning furnace. And remember that keeping up with regular oil furnace maintenance can help prevent problems before they become serious.

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