Heat Pump Troubleshooting

A guide to diagnosing and solving the small stuff.

Heat Pump Troubleshooting

A Trane heat pump is a reliable way to warm your home in the winter and cool things down in the summer. By pumping warm air out of the home, our heat pumps can provide a cool, comfortable environment indoors. When you need things a little warmer, our heat pumps can pull in heat from outside to heat your home.

In order to ensure your heat pump runs smoothly, we highly recommend regular maintenance and troubleshooting. This allows you to address smaller issues before they grow any bigger. There are a few things to look for while troubleshooting your Trane heat pump and we’ve gone over a few in this guide.

Disclaimer: The following information is for educational purposes only. Tampering with your system may void your warranty. If you have any questions about your system, call a Trane Comfort Specialist™.

Need Emergency Service?

If this is an emergency, then please contact local Trane Comfort Specialist™ for assistance regarding your heat pump.

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Before you call for service, check the following:
Heat is not working
Possible cause The problem could be with your thermostat settings.
Recommended Action Make sure your thermostat is set to heat. Try setting the temperature 2 to 4 degrees above room temperature. If you’re troubleshooting your heat pump’s cooling mode, follow the same steps but set the temperature below room temp instead.
Fan is not running properly
Possible cause It could be a bad fuse or you might have flipped a breaker.
Recommended Action Replacing the fuse or flipping the circuit breaker to the closed position could solve the problem and help determine the cause of the overload.
Possible cause Old or worn-out wiring on your heat pump may be the culprit.
Recommended Action Wiring or loose terminals will need to repaired or tightened. It is highly recommend you consult your local Trane Comfort Specialist™.
Ice build-up on outdoor coil
Possible cause This could be evidence of a defective defroster timer or control module.
Recommended Action In the event of a faulty part or component in your heat pump, call your local Trane Comfort Specialist™ as soon as possible.
Possible cause You could be low on refrigerant.
Recommended Action You can manually check the refrigerant by examining the copper lines. One of them should be cold to the touch. Consult your local Trane Comfort Specialist™ if this is not the case or if you are unsure.
Airflow is blocked
Possible cause The outdoor unit could be obstructed by grass clippings, sticks, leaves, weeds, or other outdoor debris.
Recommended Action Clear away this debris and note any changes in airflow. If this does not work, it could be a larger problem requiring professional assistance.
Possible cause Your filters could need replacing.
Recommended Action Sometimes when filters get too dirty, they can negatively impact the airflow. Replace any dirty filters. If you have the kind that are reusable, be sure to follow the proper washing instructions for those.
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