Gas Furnace Troubleshooting

Here are a few common furnace problems, and the possible steps you can take to fix them. If the gas furnace troubleshooting tips here don't resolve the issue, call your local Trane Comfort Specialist™. A certified technician will come to your home to identify and fix the problem.

Remember: Always use caution when dealing with gas-powered appliances. If you smell gas, or otherwise suspect a gas leak, leave the house immediately and call your gas company's emergency number.

Disclaimer: The following information is for educational purposes only. Tampering with your system may void your warranty. If you have any questions about your system, call a Trane Comfort Specialist™.

Need Emergency Service?

If this is an emergency, then please contact local Trane Comfort Specialist™ for assistance regarding your gas furnace.

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Before you call for service, check the following:
Low airflow
Possible cause Over time, dust and dirt will build up on the filter screen.
Recommended Action Try changing the air filters.
Possible cause There could be a blockage in your air ducts.
Recommended Action If this is the case, you’ll need your local Trane Comfort Specialist to inspect the ductwork.
No heat
Possible cause The pilot light might have gone out.
Recommended Action The pilot light is a small flame that ignites the main furnace flame. Your owner’s manual will feature detailed instructions on re-lighting the pilot. You should consult your local Trane Comfort Specialist™ if you are unsure.
Possible cause The main gas line could be turned off.
Recommended Action You will need to have your local gas company check.
Heating bill is too high
Possible cause Your system could be running more if you set the thermostat too high.
Recommended Action You could try to re-route and consolidate heat by closing the air registers in rooms you aren’t using. Ceiling fans could also help circulate warm air.
Possible cause Your utilities company might have raised their rates.
Recommended Action Call your utilities company or consult bills from the previous month to determine if this is the cause.
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