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How To Troubleshoot Furnace Humidifiers & Air Cleaners

While the furnace and air conditioner regulate the temperature in your home, there are other, often overlooked parts of your HVAC system that improve overall air quality. These additional components, like humidifiers and air cleaners may occasionally require troubleshooting and professional repair.

Humidifier and air cleaner maintenance can reduce the likelihood of a problem occurring, but if your unit isn't working properly, here's an introductory guide to troubleshooting humidifiers, ventilators and air purifiers.

Furnace humidifier troubleshooting

If your humidifier isn't working, it's usually due to one of the following reasons:

  • Fan isn't spinning – If the humidifier fan isn't working, it's probably because a bad control board has interrupted the flow of electricity to the motor, or the motor itself is burned out. Both of these issues can be fixed quickly by a Trane Comfort Specialist.
  • Water isn't reaching the humidifier – If you don't hear a click when the humidifier is turned on, the solenoid valve may not be working or may not be getting power due to a bad control board. If no water is leaving the drain hose, there may be a block in the in-line strainer, blue orifice or the drain hose itself.

Air cleaner or purifier troubleshooting

Air cleaners and purifiers are comprised of several filters that allow air to pass through, while trapping dirt, dust, pet dander and other contaminants and allergens. If you notice decreased airflow through your HVAC system, it may be caused by blocked air filters. Make sure to replace air filters as often as recommended in your owner's manual, or more frequently if you notice an excess of dirt build-up.

Air ventilator troubleshooting

Air ventilators remove stale air from the home and replace it with the same amount of fresh air. They also recover heat and humidity from the exchanged air, to help maximize your heating and cooling system's efficiency.

The most common symptom of an air ventilator problem is reduced air flow. As with the air cleaner, make sure to replace the filter regularly. If you notice that unit is not moving air, and the air filter is relatively new, check for blockages in the clean or stale air vents. If you notice that the unit is not properly exchanging heat or moisture, a certified professional should inspect the heat and moisture transfer unit.

Contact a humidifier, air cleaner and ventilator troubleshooting pro

While visible blockages and dirty air filters can often be fixed by the homeowner, a Trane Comfort Specialist should be consulted for most repair work. Your local Trane dealer will be able to send a technician to your home to make sure your system is functioning properly and efficiently.

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