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Introducing The

Trane Home App

Enjoy next-level comfort and control with the Trane Home app. Connect your smart comfort system to the app so you can adjust your temperature, set your schedule and monitor your HVAC usage from virtually anywhere. Create your account Sign in to your portal
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Keep it cool (or hot, whichever you prefer)

Use the Trane Home app to take instant control over how your home feels. Create your ideal temp and keep things as cool or cozy as you like.

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Speak up, and tell your thermostat what to do

Connect with Alexa® or Google Home® to control your home’s temperature just by talking! Speak your command to manage your thermostat and other connected devices like your lights and speakers.

Here's how you connect to Google Home® or Alexa®.

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Save at home and in your bank account

Schedule when and how your system should run so it performs at its best and costs you less in utility bills.

More benefits for you to enjoy


Share details about the health of your system with your HVAC dealer so they can help detect potential problems before they become emergencies.

Smart compatibility

Use the app with compatible products and devices that will maximize your home's comfort. Take a look at our comprehensive list of products you can use with your system.

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Remote control

Going on a trip? Manage your electricity, appliances, HVAC and more at the push of a button. Never worry about leaving the lights on or coming home to a hot or cold home again.

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Got questions? We've got answers

Looking to troubleshoot on your own? Go to our resource center for step-by-step instructions on using the app, smart thermostats, voice assistants and more!

Need help now?

Our customer support team is happy to help. Call or email us and we’ll get you up and running in no time.

Get acquainted with your smart home

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View more articles

Get what you need and know that it works

Shop for sensors, switches, controls and more that you can pair with your smart home comfort system. Use these compatible products to enhance the comfort of your home.

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Still have questions?

Here's what your dealer can do for you

  • Custom evaluation
  • Local rebates
  • Expert repairs
  • Upfront pricing