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Geothermal Maintenance

Geothermal systems, which provide heating and cooling by utilizing constant underground temperatures, are a great way to decrease your home’s carbon footprint. And in addition to being one of the most energy efficient HVAC options available, geothermal systems are also relatively easy to maintain.

Geothermal system maintenance tips for homeowners

Air filter. As with most HVAC units, one of the most important things a homeowner can do to extend the life and maximize the unit's efficiency is to regularly clean or change the filters. If done according to the owner's manual, this simple geothermal system preventative maintenance practice can help keep the unit working effectively by keeping the air coil free of dust and debris.

Condensate drain. Homeowners should also periodically check the condensate drain. Just as with air conditioning units, condensation can form on the coils of geothermal systems during the warmer months. As the condensation flows away, it can take dirt and dust with it, which, over time, can potentially clog the condensate drain. Check the drain once per season to make sure water flow isn't being impeded.

Geothermal system maintenance for dealers

Since geothermal units are closed systems, and contain chemicals like refrigerants, most maintenance and repairs should be performed by a certified technician. Here are just a couple of the geothermal maintenance checks a Trane Comfort Specialist can do during your yearly HVAC inspection.

Coolant. Geothermal systems work by sending coolant, or a mixture of water and coolant, through a series of tubes underground, where they exchange heat to regulate the temperature of your home. And while these tubes do not usually require maintenance, it is possible for a leak to form. A Trane Comfort Specialist can test the lines to make sure no leaks are present, and that the coolant level is correct.

Underground pipes. If the technician does locate a leak, it will have to be repaired. Leaks in underground geothermal pipes are rare, but if present, they can significantly impact your system's ability to heat and cool your home.

Compared to other HVAC units, geothermal systems are relatively low maintenance. But damage over time can occur, and geothermal units should be checked once per year by a Trane Comfort Specialist. Contact your dealer today to schedule a yearly service check in your home.

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