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Air Handler Maintenance

Everyone loves year-round comfort, but it can be easy to forget heat pump or A/C air handler maintenance that makes your family’s comfort possible. Taking care of your air handler and other HVAC components can not only save you money, but also prevent unnecessary frustration should something go wrong.

In spring, a regular air handler preventative maintenance check can help you avoid costly repairs and sweltering days with no A/C when the summer arrives. Professional servicing by a Trane Comfort Specialist is highly recommended and can be completed as part of a scheduled maintenance visit.

Your Comfort Specialist will guarantee that all components are working properly by going through an air handler maintenance checklist. This check on the overall health of your system ensures that:

  • Fan blades are free of dust buildup
  • All moving parts are free of cracks and excessive wear
  • Fan RPM meets design specifications
  • Bearing collar set screws on fan shaft are tight
  • Dampers are free of dirt accumulations
  • Damper actuators and linkages are operational and aligned
  • All mechanical connections and dampers are properly lubricated
  • Coils are clean
  • All coils, refrigerant lines, valves, fittings, etc. are free of leaks
  • Condensation pans and drains are rust free
  • All belts are free of wear and cracks
  • Rigid couplings are properly aligned
  • All cooling coils are drained and blown to remove moisture
  • Freezestat is on proper temperature setting and operation
  • The entire unit is properly vacuumed

Once your heat pump or A/C air handler maintenance check is completed, you will be provided with a post-diagnostic report highlighting any critical issues that need to be addressed. At that time, you can talk to your Trane Comfort Specialist about the cost of completing any necessary repairs, and schedule next year's maintenance check.

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