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T.A. Kaiser Heating & Air, Inc.

T.A. Kaiser Heating & Air Company, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business founded in 1987 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company has since set up offices in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Nashville, Tennessee, to service the growing populations and markets in the Piedmont Region of the Carolinas and the burgeoning Tennessee Valley Area region. T.A. Kaiser is a certified installer of HVAC equipment for reputable manufacturers like Trane heating and cooling systems.

The company provides a full range of heating and cooling services for residential and commercial customers. The services include the installation and maintenance of heating and cooling systems, routine inspections of the systems, and performing any preventive maintenance procedures to ensure the system runs well throughout the year.

T.A. Kaiser Heating & Air Company, Inc. offers a number of energy saving products and services to help customers reduce energy usage and costs. The products and services include installing and setting up programmable thermostats in a home or business, sealing off duct systems from air leaks to reduce heat and cool air loss into uninhabitable parts of a building, and installing zone climate control measures so areas in a home or office aren’t using energy to heat and cool a room when nobody is in it.

T.A. Kaiser Heating & Air Company, Inc. also provides products and services to control the indoor air quality in your home or business by installing humidifiers for when the air needs a little moisture, dehumidifiers when the indoor atmosphere has too much moisture, and advanced air filtration systems that dramatically reduce the amount of allergens getting into the indoor air.



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