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Stop's Plumbing & Heating

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Stop's Plumbing & Heating specializes in heating, cooling and air quality products and services for Land O’Lakes, WI and the surrounding areas.

For heating, they service a number of different heating systems and will use different methods depending on a customer’s needs. These include furnaces and boilers, a common way for people to heat their home. They offer other methods as well, including solar heating, wood and pellet fuel heating, radiate heating, electronic resistance heating and small space heaters. The alternative heating methods, like wood and pellet fuel that uses biomass or waste sources to heat the home, can help save money. Electronic resistance heating can be a more expensive way to heat the home. Space heaters are not as efficient as central heating systems, but if used correctly they can still provide energy savings.

For air conditioning, they offer both split system central air condition and packaged central air conditioning, depending on the needs. For homes that already have furnaces, a split system can be a good way to install AC. They offer Trane systems to keep customers comfortable in all sorts of temperatures. The technicians at Stop's Plumbing & Heating are indoor air specialists and can help customers improve the air quality in the home. Since homes are more energy efficient, they trap air inside, which can make the indoor air quality much worse than outside pollution.

Stop's Plumbing & Heating offers financing and also works with customers to help them take advantage of any federal and local tax incentives for energy efficient systems.



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