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Schultheis Bros. Heating, Cooling & Roofing

Schultheis Bros Co. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, started from the ground up in 1946 by Bill and Rich Schultheis, has come a long way. As one of the best HVAC, heating, roofing, plumbing and cooling providers in its community, the Schultheis Bros team knows the fact of the matter quite well. This is why they tirelessly give their all, "day in and day out". Ene could say that the team really does care about the needs of its customers. Perhaps that's why they're also Trane Comfort Specialists, a standing not all similar businesses can hold. This company began with small operations conducted out of a tiny garage within Verona, Pennsylvania, and quickly rose to become one of the very first HVAC companies to exist in all of Pittsburgh. Many from back in the day have still remembered it as such. Great things can happen through small beginnings, and that is a lesson anyone can learn from. Over time, numerous things have come and gone, but one still remains: the original, founding principles of Bill and Rich Schultheis.

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