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Redden Plumbing & Mechanical Inc. is a company based in Roswell, New Mexico. It offers a host of services that include plumbing, water treatment services, and air conditioning. The company has been in operation since 1988. Over the years, it has distinguished itself as a leading contractor in the above areas and gaining customers from far and wide. The company also has stringent product quality levels which set the bar high for their services across the region.

Under air conditioning services, the Redden Plumbing & Mechanical Inc. offers both refrigerated and evaporate systems to their customers. Moreover, leading air conditioning brands such as Trane has picked them as one of their authorized dealers in this region. As for the heating systems, it installs and repairs units using several heating technologies and fuels such as gas, electricity and hydronic systems. Customers also have a choice of either furnaces and heat pumps. RPM's plumbing services include installation of new plumbing systems, repair of all types of plumbing systems, re-piping the water systems, and gas piping services. Moreover, they also install and replace the sewer system. For customers with hard water, they provide water softening services and products. For those looking for pure water, RPM offers reverse osmosis services to rid the water of salts and minerals. Each of the equipment sold comes with a manufacturer's limited warranty. In addition, they offer warranties for their labor and parts used.



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