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Ray N Welter Htg Co

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The Ray N. Welter Heating Company has been around for over a century. Throughout four generations, they have examined, installed and repaired over 100,000 central air conditioners, home heating systems and air purifiers in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area. They care about your comfort and safety, especially in the frigid winter months when a fixing is needed the most. 

This Minneapolis-based company can do it all, from a simple furnace repair to an installation of a new air conditioner. They are known to repair equipment of any brand, style, and size, and they specialize in the Trane brand. Not only is The Ray N. Welter Heating Company there for you during the shivering cold, but also in the sweltering heat of spring and summer. No matter the time of the year, The Ray N. Welter Heating Company is there to advise you on the best solutions to your stressful problems. They feel that you deserve to be comfortable in your humble abode.

If you're in need of any sort of heating, cooling or air purifying services, rely on this Twin Cities company to come to you. You won't regret the high-quality work of The Ray N. Welter Heating Company!



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