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Pride Air Conditioning & Appliance, Inc.

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Pride Air Conditioning & Appliances are air quality experts, addressing key points in South Florida like bad odors, sneezing, coughing, asthma, mold, and constantly sick homes.  Investing in a regular maintenance plan could save you thousands of dollars over the life of your air conditioning unit.

Don’t ignore your ducts when thinking about your air conditioning - think about the amount of dust, mold, and particles that will collect in there throughout the home.  Are you cleaning your vents and ducting regularly, as well? Not all duct cleanings are the same - and Pride Air Conditioning & Appliances’ service is a revolutionary hybrid duct vacuum that has suction up to 5,000CFM, making it one of the most powerful duct cleaning products in South Florida. The process removes dust, dirt, debris, dander, chemicals, and allergens from your AC ducts!

Pride Air Conditioning & Appliances in Pompano Beach, Florida carriers many of the major brands, including Trane, and has a new A/C low price guarantee. Professionally installed and operating locally since 1974, Pride Air Conditioning has been servicing the top brands with the best value guarantee, providing the longest warranties and best financing around.



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