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Monk Heating and Air is well known for providing first-class HVAC services. The company has been established for four generations and is a go-to source for all things relating to HVAC in the eastern and central Pennsylvania areas. A Trane Comfort Specialist, Monk Heating and Air provides both residential and commercial services and prides itself on being a company that consistently exceeds its customers' needs. 

It is understood by Monk Heating and Air that when performing residential and commercial services that technicians will come into contact with customers' possessions. This company excels in making sure these possessions are well-protected while services are being rendered. Monk Heating and Air wants all customers to feel safe and necessary steps are taken to make sure clients' homes, possessions and pets are protected during the carrying out of HVAC services. 

This four-generation mechanical contracting company has been servicing various parts of Pennsylvania since 1917. The company was founded by Earl Monk. Years later, Earl's son, Robert Monk, would step in and carry on the family tradition of providing superior HVAC services. There are a variety of services provided by Monk Heating and Cooling, including electric switchover to natural gas, installation of boilers, steam heating, ductless mini split cooling systems and more. Quality plumbing and HVAC services are provided on a daily basis by the company and 24-hour emergency service is available if needed. 



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