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McCutchan Heating & Cooling Inc

For 18 years, McCutchan's Heating & Cooling has served Fairmont, West Virginia. They offer a range of services. Heating and cooling units, custom sheet metal, and indoor air quality equipment are all handled by trained technicians that continue their education by attending seminars and classes to stay on top of the latest trends and the best options for their patrons' needs.  Energy efficiency is a priority for McCutchan Heating & Cooling Inc. The continued education of their technicians is for the clients and not their bottom line. Heating and cooling installation changes as technology evolve, and with the addition of experts in custom sheet metal work, they can create any fitting without the need to outsource the work and equipment.

McCutchan Heating & Cooling Inc is insured and an authorized Trane dealer. Access to the newest technologies is vital to McCutchan's mission to deliver the best service, possible. Whether it is installing UV lights to rid patrons' homes of pesky airborne bacteria or merely utilizing their 24/7 customer service, they put their effort into customer comfort. As a family founded and run company, McCutchan Heating & Cooling Inc treats each client with the same regard they would approach one another. Dedication to long-term customers and always prepared to answer questions posed by new patrons have made McCutchan a well-known stable in their area of service.



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