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HVAC Dealer in Greencastle, Pennsylvania


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Company Details:

Greencastle, Pennsylvania

McCrea Heating & Air Conditioning Services of PA. is located in Greencastle, Pennsylvania. Over the last 80 years of servicing residents in need of heating and air conditioning, McCrea expanded services, not only over counties, but over states. This heating and cooling company are located throughout Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland. 

McCrea sells and services some of HVAC brand products. However, Trane is the top-selling brand McCrea offers consumers in these three states related to furnace and air conditioning needs. There has been a lot to be said about being in business for over 80 years. Longevity of a company such as McCrea Heating & Air Conditioning Services of PA says a lot about work ethic, honesty, quality, pricing, and peace of mind of the customer. McCrea believes in providing to customers quality services and products, creating a happier and healthier life. High-efficiency products for a home or business can save consumers upwards of 75% per year on energy costs.

McCrea offers:


McCrea's focus is to do a job right the first time which lasts for years to come. McCrea is helping consumers save money, not simply at the point of service, but also for years into the future while meeting public demand in the heating & cooling industry. McCrea has been providing heating and cooling services and products since 1936; we enjoy educating the client, offering promotions, discounts, and offering competitive pricing for all other services. No company stays in business for this long unless they are top quality. Call McCrea Heating & Air Conditioning Services of PA today for a free no-obligation estimate on all repairs, replacements, tear outs, and installations. 

Areas of Expertise

  • HVAC repair
  • HVAC service
  • AC installation
  • Furnace installation
  • HVAC cleaning

Dealer Services and Features

  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Wells Fargo Financing
  • NATE Certified

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