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Lynn Furnace

Lynn Furnace provides repair and installation services for air conditioning  and heating systems in the Shenandoah, IA and surrounding areas. These areas include Red Oak, Claradina, Essex, Sidney, Hamburg, Farragut, Tabor, and Malvern.  This family owned business has been providing customers with service for over 60 years. Their trained HVAC technicians are certified by HVAC/SAVE and NATE.  They specialize in Trane heating and cooling systems. 

When the heating system in the home or office doesn't work, their technician will  diagnose and repair the problem quickly.  Their technicians replace furnaces when customers need a new energy efficient system. For customers,  they have services for regular maintenance of air conditioning and heating system in apartments, homes, condos, and businesses.

Keeping cool in the hot weather in the home or office is important. Lynn Furnace technicians will diagnose the problem with the air conditioner or system to determine when customers need repairs or a new unit. When customers are building a new home or business,  they install new air conditioning  systems that lasts for years. Customers can depend on fast and reliable service from Lynn Furnace.

Air duct cleaning is a way to keep home and business free from allergens, mold, and bacteria.  They use commercial grade equipment brushes, vacuums, and hoses to completely clean your air ducts. When temperatures range from hot to cold  in different rooms of the house, air duct remodeling often resolves the problem. Remodeling the  air ducts helps to distribute air properly in each room in the house and offices. They offer 24 hour services and free estimates to customers.



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