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Kemco of Burlington

Businesses and residents in Graham, NC trust Kemco of Burlington to work on their HVAC systems. Kemco promotes solutions that save money and introduce energy-efficient equipment.  With more than 80 experienced technicians and support staff, they are able to quickly respond when a problem arises, avoiding business shutdowns and preventing small repairs from becoming big problems.

Often, a business can only run optimally if it has developed the proper infrastructure to do so. Kemco of Burlington has an entire fleet of 60 trucks and vans to serve Graham and the surrounding communities. If their customers need emergency electrical and HVAC services, Kemco sends out its most experienced HVAC representatives, who can handle unexpected calls 24 hours a day, every day, including weekends.

There's always a professional on-call to lend a hand in an emergency. That's why Graham residents call Kemco when they need professional electrical, air conditioning and heating services and have been for over 20 years.


Kemco of Burlington serves resident and commercial clients and performs services on Air Conditioners, HVAC systems and generators. If you need to control system installed at your home or business, Kenmo is the premiere service provider in the area. Their finance team offers fair and flexible payment arrangements that fit your budget without delaying important repairs.


For quality parts, Kemco of Burlington in Graham, North Carolina trusts Trane, a provider of advanced HVAC, heating and air conditioning systems. Going back more than a century, Trane understands the importance of meeting needs of each customer with reliable parts at affordable prices.



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