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Kaiser Heating & Cooling

Kaiser Heating & Cooling—a division of ElectAir Inc.—serves the Yankton, South Dakota area.  In business since 1948, Kaiser Heating & Cooling offers heating, cooling, plumbing and air quality control sales and services on Trane and other unit brands.  Projects include furnaces, heat pumps, geothermal units, stoves, heaters, air cleaners, and more.  Fireplaces and Central Vac systems require special designs; Kaiser Heating & Cooling’s expert technicians can help customers create the perfect system for homes and offices.  Central vacuuming systems can be installed in most existing structures, they are a must for pet owners! Purchased by customers from a separate provider, Kaiser will install this customized system with hoses, accessories, and attachments.    

Kaiser Heating & Cooling is a Trane Comfort System Specialist; the company is noted for Trane’s Excellence in Customer Satisfaction.  For commercial business customers, Kaiser Heating & Cooling offers high-performance Trane Roof Top Units and Chillers—they are energy efficient, reliable, and under warranty.  A geothermal heating and cooling unit draws heat from the earth in winter, pumps it into a structure (such as a house, office or large building) and then, in summer, reverses the process to bring cooler air to the building. Kaiser Heating & Cooling installs environmentally select systems in many sizes - perfect for new or existing homes and businesses. They are energy efficient and cost-effective. Multifunctional geothermal units can work well with water heaters, in-floor heaters, and other HVAC systems.  Kaiser Heating & Cooling’s expert technicians will assist customers to make the right choice for homes and business systems. 



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