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If you are currently living in or near Monmouth, Illinois and you are in need of professional heating and cooling services, consider Independent Refrig & HTG LTD for all of your repair, installation, and upgrade needs. Independent Refrig & HTG LTD offers a wide range of heating, cooling, filtration, and maintenance services that help to protect appliances along with heating and cooling systems for years to come.

Independent Refrig & HTG LTD was originally founded in 1976. Currently, all employees who work for Independent Refrig & HTG LTD are EPA-certified with most of those working for the company having more than a decade of professional experience. Independent Refrig & HTG LTD has built its loyal customer base by providing top-notch customer service in conjunction with high-quality products and long-term satisfying results. One of the most appealing aspects of working with Independent Refrig & HTG LTD is the ability to choose from quality products and brands such as Trane when choosing a new air conditioning or heating system for your own home or property. Trane products are available for both heating and cooling solutions and offer an appealing warranty, guarantee, and positive reviews.

Some of the services that Independent Refrig & HTG LTD specializes in includes traditional heating and cooling systems, boilers, thermostats, and even indoor air quality. Whether you are simply seeking annual maintenance services or if you are in the market for a complete overhaul of your heating and cooling system, IIndependent Refrig & HTG LTD is an optimal choice to make the most out of any investment you have in mind. 



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