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The Hollifield Service Company offers air and heating services in the Muskogee, Oklahoma area. The company touts itself as a family-owned business. Tim Hollifield, the owner, is a native Oklahoman and has lived in the state for all of his life.

Hollifield Service Company performs a computer-supported audit of each home with a goal of ascertaining its climate control needs. The company offers air conditioning installation and repair services, using Trane heating and cooling systems. It has a 24/7 emergency repair service and also offers a scheduled maintenance plan that will detect issues with a climate-control system before they become a problem.

Hollifield specializes in geothermal heat pumps as a climate-control solution. The devices use the natural heating and cooling properties of the earth and ground water to help keep the home at a comfortable level. Electric-powered heat pumps move heat into the home during the winter months and out of it during the summer months. The company touts geothermal heat pumps as an energy-efficient system that keeps the home more comfortable than standard air conditioners and furnace systems. In effect, the geothermal heat pump is a cooling and heating device all in one. With a 30 percent tax credit and rebates from utility companies available, the heat pumps are almost as affordable as high-end, energy-efficient conventional heating and cooling systems.



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