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Hi-Desert Air, Inc.

Hi-Desert Air services Yucca Valley and the entire Morongo Basin with heating and cooling services.The company services heating units, air conditioning systems, and evaporative coolers, from installations to repairs, residential as well as commercial. They are Yucca Valley’s premier heating and cooling contractor. Hi-Desert Air is a Trane Comfort Specialist, meaning you can rest assured, knowing you are getting the highest quality products paired with the best customer service. 

In the desert appropriate air conditioning is critical. Not only does it maintain comfort, but it cleans the air and controls humidity.

Hi-Desert Air sells and services:

  • Air cleaners
  • Thermostats
  • Humidifiers
  • Zoning equipment

Air cleaners are important to have, especially if you have allergies. Programmable thermostats enable you to customize your air conditioning or heating use and allow for less energy when you don't need it, eliminating much waste. In this dry climate, humidifiers protect wood furnishings prevent dry skin, and help with health concerns by adding humidity to the air. Zoning Equipment controls dampers in the air ducts to have multiple temperature settings in different rooms at the same time.

If you notice any of these signs with your heating and air system, contact Hi Desert Air, Inc:

  • Cool air is not released when the A/C is on or no hot air when you turn your heater on
  • No airflow coming through your ducts
  • A leak coming from your heating or cooling unit



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