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Greenwood Heating and Air Conditioning

Greenwood Heating and Air Conditioning was founded way back in 1918.  It began in its namesake Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle.  From there, founder Walter Zainey built up the brand and a reputation for quality products and services.  The company, now over 100 years old, continues to be a significant player in providing heating and cooling services to customers in the Seattle, Eastside, and Lynwood areas.

The services offered by Greenwood Heating and Air Conditioning include everything from new installations to repairs and service needs.  If you are looking for a gas furnace to be installed or repaired, or perhaps a new heat pump or air conditioner, they have you covered.  Working with quality brands like Trane, they continue to push for top-notch service for all of their customers.

The company offers 24-hour emergency service as well.  There is no right time for you to lose heat or air conditioning inside of your home.  When the equipment fails, you need it back up and running, fast.  The team at Greenwood Heating and Air Conditioning can work with you around the clock, no matter the time of day.  They can come out and get your unit running, even helping with hot water tankless heaters and other needs.  In the Seattle area, they are one of the top choices of eating and cooling services of all sizes.



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